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Chapman Basketball Academy PHILOSOPHY

Everyone has potential! Every child is unique and special and our goal is to help shape their lives through the game of basketball. Our training session will provide hands on training with detail oriented instructions from high level professional players and coaches. Our goal is to make each kid better basketball players but, most importantly better people. 

Chapman Basketball Academy MISSION

CBA ’s mission is to develop young individuals not only as athletes, but as students and people through a structured environment. Our kids will have a unique opportunity to be coached and mentored by top coaches and professional basketball players. Not only will we focus on the skill, but we will provide in depth strategies on how to make each kid better.  With practices, clinics, and video analysis we will provide a hands on approach to learning and improving each players overall skills.  We believe the true success of the season isn't measured only by wins and losses, but by the improvement of the players in their attitude, skill, and work-ethic. 

During Club season we understand majority of our athlethes will be playing multiple sports.  I believe this gives them less opportunity for emotional and physical burn outs. Also it help kids have exposure to different kids and different roles. CBA wants all kids to have fun and enjoy different experiences through sports, we simply ask that you create transparency with our coaches and communicate throughout the season!

Chapman Basketball Academy & MULTISPORT  ATHLETES
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