2020-2021 CBA Fees, Rules & Guidelines



Everyone has potential! Every child is unique and special and our goal is to help shape their lives through the game of basketball. Our training session will provide hands on training with detail oriented instructions from high level professional players and coaches. We will also provide video breakdown for each game our kids play in. Our goal is to make each kid better basketball players but, most importantly better people. 


Our Mission

CBA ’s mission is to develop young individuals not only as athletes, but as students and people through a structured environment. Our kids will have a unique opportunity to be coached and mentored by top coaches and professional basketball players. Not only will we focus on the skill, but we will provide in depth strategies on how to make each kid better.  With practices, clinics, and video analysis we will provide a hands on approach to learning and improving each players overall skills.  We believe the true success of the season isn't measured only by wins and losses, but by the improvement of the players in their attitude, skill, and work-ethic. 


Player Fee

U9-U10     $600                                                                            5 Tournaments

U11-U12   $900(Gold/Elite Teams)    $800(Black/White)         7-8 Tournaments

U13-U17   $1350(Gold/Elite Teams)  $1100(Black/White)      8 Tournaments


Participation Fee Includes:

-Tournament Entry Fees

-Practice Gym Rental Fee (2 (1.5 hour) practices/week) starting in April

-Overtime Workouts (45 Minutes with Athlete Performance/45 Minutes Skills Session) 2x/mo

-Player Insurance

-Classroom rental fee for video breakdown

-Coaches Fee

-Coaches lodging fee



*Sibling discount: $50 off total player fee for each athlete

Uniform Package $175 (this will be a separate mandatory purchase )

-Shooting Shirt


-Backpack(optional for returners)


-Practice Jersey

Things to know

-Elite teams are (A+), Gold (A), Black (B), White (C).

-Teams will be set within 5 days of the tryout date. We will require a 30% non-refundable downpayment within 7 days of accepting your CBA offer. The remainder of the payment will be due by January 31st.  Payment plans available.  

-Practices will begin 2 weeks prior to the first tournament.

-Practices will be run out of the following locations: Each team will be able to practice out of our new facility in Mequon. Additional practices may be run out of Brown Deer, Whitefish Bay, Grafton, Hartford, West Bend.

-Practice/tournament schedules will be set by the beginning of March. We try our best to create a schedule suitable to each team. 

Multisport Athletes:

During AAU season we understand majority of our athletes will be playing multiple sports. Having athletes that participate in more than one sport gives them less opportunity for emotional and physical burn outs. It also helps players have exposure to different kids and different roles. CBA wants all kids to have fun and enjoy different experiences through sports.


-You must communicate with your coach 2 days prior in the event that your athlete will miss a practice. 

-You must communicate with your coach a week prior in the event that your athlete will miss a tournament. 

-Unexcused or not communicating that your athlete will be absent from a practice/ tournament will result in disciplinary action determined by the coach and club.   

Practice Policy:

*Players are expected to be at practice on time because timeliness is an important life skill and an important part of being a good teammate. Showing up to practice 15 minutes prior is considered on time. 


Expectations of the Players

  1. Players are expected to be courteous in words and action, vulgar language and fighting is not acceptable.

  2. To participate in this program is a privilege, not a right. Playing time must be earned through hard work and a commitment to improve your basketball skills. 

  3. Players must arrive ready to start practice on time. 15 minutes prior to practice is considered on time.

  4. Players must bring complete uniform to all tournaments (Jersey, Shorts, Shooting Shirt).

  5. In an effort to promote commitment, what it means to be a good teammate, and prevent physical burnout we ask that CBA players only play for one club/AAU basketball team during the Spring and Summer season, that being CBA.

  6. Respect all fans, refs, CBA players and opponents, and coaches (CBA or otherwise).


Expectations of the Parents

  1. This experience is about them, not you.

  2. Teach your child to be an advocate for themselves. The expectation is that the child talks to the coach if they are having an issue or don’t understand something. If the situation is not resolved, the parent can certainly speak with the coaching staff in a private setting by setting up an appointment. Approaching coaches before, during, or after a practice or game is not appropriate.

  3. We ask that parents do not sit in practice, but are welcome to come in the gym the last 15 minutes before pickup.  This allows your child the opportunity to have fun, learn, and make mistakes without any added pressures or distractions. 

  4. Maintain a positive attitude and encourage that same positive attitude in your child at all team events. Take the pressure off. The point is to improve skills and character. Winning is secondary. Celebrate their game, not the outcome.

  5. Communicate in advance in the event that your child will miss or be late for practice or a competition.

  6. Respect all fans, refs, CBA players and opponents, and coaches (CBA or otherwise).


Please understand we want to be known as a first class Club program both on and off the court. This includes the actions of coaches, players, and parents. Failing to comply with our outlined expectations or failure to show proper respect to all players, coaches, or officials can result in disciplinary action. 


The first violation will be put in writing for the record and notification of the Club, Program Director, Coach, and Parent or Player in violation of CBA Policy. If two instances occur you and/or your athlete will be dismissed from the program.