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Game Day Rules

-Teams can consist of players that are different in age-during registration select the oldest grade participating.

- Teams are welcome to wear their own club jerseys as long as they're reversible- we will have jerseys available if needed.

-Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to first scheduled game.

-Players will be able to warm-up on their assigned (shared) basket 20 minutes prior to first game.

-Games will begin at the scheduled game time. 

-A team must have at least 2 players present to begin the game. If at least 2 players aren't present 5 minutes after the scheduled gametime the ref can call a forfeit. 

-A coin flip will determine which team gets the first posession. If overtime occurs the same rule will apply.

-The first team to score 25+ points automatically wins. 

-If the score is tied at the end of the 20 minute period, it will result in sudden death free-throws with all three players from each team shooting 1 free-throw. If all six players make their first set of free-throws, it will continue on until somebody misses.

3v3 General Rules

-Games will be played in the half court on a 10ft. basket.

-Ball sizes are as followed:

    3rd-6th Grade Boys/Girls will play with 28.5 in. ball

    7th-12th Grade Boys vs Boys will play with 29.5 in. ball

    7th-12th Grade Boys vs. Girls will play with 29.5 in. ball 

    7th-12th Grade Girls vs. Girls will play with 28.5 in. ball

-Teams will consist of no more than 5 players. 

-Each court will have 1 Referee.

-Coaches are only allowed for 3rd and 4th grade.

-The games will be 20 minutes long with a running clock. 

-For Co-ed Leagues:

      - Teams are allowed to be made up of both boys and girls. 

       -All boys teams may play all girls teams, depending on the number of teams signed-               up-although this is not gauranteed.


-Shots made inside the arc will be worth 1pt. Shots outside the arc will be worth 2pts. Free throws will be worth 1pt.

-Fouls committed during a shot inside the arc will be awarded 1 free-throw. Fouls committed during a shot outside the arc will be awarded 2 free-throws. 

-Refs will keep track of team fouls. Teams who commit 7 or more fouls will award the offensive team with 2 free throws.

-Following each successful field goal or freethrow: The non scoring team will check the ball at the center of the top of the arc. The ball must be checked and then passed in, not dribbled to begin each possession. 

-Following a missed field goal or free-throw: If the offensive team rebounds the ball they may continue to attempt to score. If the defensive team rebounds the ball, they must dribble or pass the ball outside of the arc to start their possession. 

-After any dead ball situation the ball must be checked before play begins.

-If the defensive team steals or blocks the ball, they must dribble or pass the ball behind the arc before their possession begins. 

-If a jump ball situation occurs, the defensive team will be awarded the ball.

-If stalling occurs, the ref has the right to implement a 30 second shot clock. After 30 seconds occurs and no shot has been attempted the ball will be awarded to the defensive team. 


-Substitutions can be preformed during any dead ball situation, before a free-throw, or before the ball is checked. 

-Each team is allowed one 45 second time out, in which the game clock will stop. No time outs are granted for the last 3 minutes of the game.

-Time outs can only be called during a dead ball situation.

Other Info

-Medals will be presented at the end of league play for winners. 

-There will be no trainers on site for league play. Ice will be available if needed.

-Admissions: $5/Adult FREE for Seniors and Kids under 5.

-Teams that fail to show up for game without email notification 24 hrs prior will be eliminated from the League with no refund.

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