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"At CBA we teach basketball as an infinite game. We help students learn basketball skills and technique in the context of life. Because what makes you successful on the basketball court also makes you successful everywhere else. Our system emphasizes positive feedback.Focused Repetition. Individualized learning. And growth. We stress the importance of personal accountability,team success, and community support. "

Chapman Basketball Academy brings countless opportunities including camps, club teams, leagues and training year round for kids of all ages.


CBA offers 1v1 training as well as group training. Training schedule is updated weekly. 



CBA has boys and girls club teams ranging from u9-u17. Tryouts are ran at the end of the Summer and the season begins the following Spring/Summer.



Camps are offered various times throughout the year- with majority of our camps being held in the Summer Months.



CBA runs 3v3, Little Baller League and High School JV/Varsity Leagues at various times throughout the year. 

Chapman Basketball Academy Upcoming Events
What our clients say about Chapman Basketball Academy


The kids really respond to Joe.  He knows the game and patiently teaches.  He doesn’t cut anyone a break and works them harder than they knew they could work.   Most importantly, the kids are getting better and having fun in the process.  I’ve seen players do things in games this summer that they couldn’t do last winter.  That's exciting."



Joe's  philosophy of discipline, dedication and determination helps our boys set goals for themselves and dig deep to achieve those goals. Joe creates an environment in which players work hard and want to excel. He builds relationships of trust so that players learn from their mistakes and build their confidence through positive reinforcement and repeated practice. His focus on conditioning, skill work and team camaraderie helps kids become well-rounded basketball players. Most importantly, his emphasis on a strong work ethic teaches players the invaluable lesson of “grit” which can be applied to all facets of their lives. Joe strikes the right balance between patient teacher and passionate coach. Our boys are grateful for every opportunity they get to work with Joe.



Joe has made a difference in our community around basketball. kids are learning how to play tougher, stronger and learning to push through difficult workouts. Kids are becoming more confident and all around better players. Joe is building a good foundation for basketball that will translate into successful players and successful programs.

Where Chapman Basketball Academy is located
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